Uncancelled Tour
Limassol, Cyprus

Singer Manizha, the participant of the Eurovision Song Contest from Russia in 2021, will perform in Cyprus for the first time, featuring her greatest hits and showcasing new songs. The show of her Uncancelled Tour will take place on Saturday March 18, 2023 at Opus in Limassol, Cyprus.

Uncancelled Tour is a musician's dream of a world where there is a place for equality of different opportunities with all the dissimilarity, but commonality of cultures, it is an attempt to find eternal values that can unite people anytime.

Live performances of Manizha are a verified quality of sound and light, and seething energy. There is always a place for manifestations of emotions, and the distance between the musician and the listener is reduced as much as possible. Together with her team, Manizha travels the world for the first time on a full-scale tour, which continues in time, acquiring new nuances with each next performance.

Manizha is a Russian singer of Tajik origin, Goodwill Ambassador of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), a Top-10 participant of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, an ambassador of Spotify EQUAL international program. She actively opposes social issues such as domestic violence and xenophobia. Manizha conveys bold ideas through her music and does not back down from her truth even in the face of adversity. And in addition to music, she conducts social activities. Her mission is to make people able to listen to each other, see humanity and strive for equality.

Part of the proceeds from each concert of Uncancelled Tour are donated to the SILSILA fund for supporting and protecting people in difficult life situations, which Manizha established together with her mother Najiba Usmanova.

Aristotelous, 6, Pallouriotissa, P.C. 1056, Nicosia, Cyprus